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Securing Your Home Security Alarms: When you are look to secure your home or office you need to have an understanding of all the entry points. Many times windows on the 2nd or 3rd floor are not a problem unless it is easy to climb up to them. Take a good look at the outside of your home, is it easy for someone to climb up to a window or is there an overhang or low roof near a window? These access points need special attention, even if they seem high up. Go over these areas with your installer to make sure you and your family is protected with quality home security systems.


Why Do I Need A Security System In A Gated Area? I live in a gated area but many of the neighbors have alarm systems on their homes. The guard at the gate told me about how someone broke into a home and stole items after the family had left town. They came home and were surprised that something like that could have happened in our secure gated community. The properties are far apart with lots of trees, rocks and space between them. The thief or thieves could have been hiding in the woods until they saw the family leave and then had time to get in and out between the rotation of the security drive-by’s.  It seems it is better to be safe than sorry, since it cost so little to have a security system, that would have notified the family, the guards and the police within moments of the intruder entering the home.


home-security-system-fob-picWhat is the difference between a wireless system and a hard wired alarm system? You hear a lot these days about the advantage of a hard wired home security system. The hard wired system is installed in the walls, doors and windows, there is a direct connection from the motion detector or the sensor when a door or window is opened. These system are now often times built right into the walls and windows when a house is constructed. So all you need to do is call the alarm company who installed the home alarm system and you will notice that the price is often through the roof, because they control the home alarm system. Whereas with a wireless system the alarm company mails you the units to put up your self or they come out and install them at your apartment, condo or home in a few hours.


Property home surveillance devices can send a signal to your cell phone when a robber, home invasion, fire, smoke or water enters your residence or business. These new safety detectors are electronic digital security detectors will warn the owner of the specific hazard by sending the information and pictures to a smart phone. Sensors in your home or office building are linked to the power panel box or device through low-voltage cabling as well as a narrow band radio frequency transmission. The most prevalent security protection devices will detect the opening of any door or window and detect activity by means of passive infra-red devices. Atlanta GA Home Security | A Safe Home | Safe Home Security | Marietta GA Home Alarms | Home Security Sandy Springs GA


home-security-system-alarm-picPower Problems During A Hurricane Like Sandy 2012 and Irene: 2011: There was water damage and wind damage everywhere, thousands of people lost power to their homes. How long will the home alarm system work? Is there a battery back-up inside the wall panel? Do I need to change the battery? Do I need to have a separate battery back-up for the wall unit? What does the monitoring center do when the roads are impassable? Are you able to notify me if the alarm goes off in my home if I am staying somewhere else?


What Happens With My Existing Alarm Panel? If the house that I am buying or renting already has a built in alarm panel and motion detectors can I use these or do I have to buy new ones? What is the difference between the hard wired panels and the wireless systems? Will I be able to monitor my home and business from my cell phone? Do I need a iPhone or smart phone to monitor what is happening at my residence from my phone? Will a normal cell phone work or do I need a special phone or app? Medical alerts are very popular with seniors so they can stay in touch with emergency services and their doctor if something happens. The newest medical alerts use cell phone towers so you can actually anywhere there is cell phone coverage and use these new mobile phone based wireless medical alert systems.


home-security-system-picWhat Do You Think Of The Self Install Home Alarm Systems?  What is the advantage to installing an alarm yourself? I once saw a self install home security alarm system and wondered just how easy it would be to get it installed correctly. Has anyone had experience installing the system themselves? I took one look at the parts and thought maybe I should get an installer out here ASAP. It is nice to know that someone else did not install it, but what if I made a mistake some where? Here is a company that has do it yourself Canada home security alarm systems. Calgary Canada Home Security | Home Security Saskatoon Canada. What do you think of the home alarm systems that are already installed in a new home before you buy it? Why would the builder pay to have a home alarm installed in a new home? Does the alarm company charge more because they have to pay the builder? Is it an OK system or should I go with a different company with a better system tailored to my needs?

Home_Security_Camera Home Security Camera Systems?  I have heard that the price of these new security cameras have really dropped in price. How many should I get for my house? Do I need a camera on all the windows or will a motion detector trigger the security cameras to start recording? Do the cameras only turn on when there is movement? Will a large pet trigger the cameras to start recording? Will I get a notification on my cell phone if there is an intruder? If I have one of the older dumb phones will I still get notified if something is amiss at my home or office?

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